Operation and maintenance


  • Integrated management and maintenance of photovoltaic, thermal and biomass plants
  • Highly trained, exclusively dedicated own maintenance staff.
  • Own measurement equipment (thermographic cameras, photovoltaic network analysers, flow meters, etc.).
  • Phased maintenance of sites, panel cleaning, etc.

Control, assessment and monitoring of installations (solar, biomass boilers, municipal swimming pools, etc.):

  • Permanent monitoring centre.
  • Monitoring, checking and managing installation alarms.
  • Daily monitoring and early detection of anomalies in installations
  • Remote management of installations, monitoring consumption, production, ratios, compliance with energy saving plans.
Operación y mantenimiento

G-ENER maintains and operates in more than 10 wind farms and more than 50 installations. A total of more than 25 MWp in photovoltaic installations.

In photovoltaic energy, G-ener is the official technical service for all the converters it installs. We provide service to our own and third party installations. This allows us to resolve any problem that may arise faster and more flexibly.

Operación y mantenimiento


Tomás Albarran

Tomás Albarran Qualified industrial engineer
Head of maintenance